What is the latest version and build for PC Tranplant (PCT)?

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What is the latest version and build for PC Tranplant (PCT)?


The version of PCT still the same which is 6.8 and the latest build is 1114. Please read DOC7033 for release information.

You can install the latest PCT build by downloading the attached PCTSetup6.8.1114.exe file or you can donwload and install PCT in combination with DS by downloading the latest version and build of DS 6.9 or 7.1 from the following location: http://www.symantec.com/products-solutions/trialware/

For instructions about how to install and upgrade PC Transplant on DS 6.9 or 7 please read the following article: HOWTO6680

If you have problems trying to upgrade to a newer version, please contact support.


PCTSetup6.8.1114.exe (30 MBytes)

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