Carbon Copy frequently asked questions

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What are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Carbon Copy?


  1. If a computer is running the Win32 agent, can it be controlled by Notification Server if it has the Notification Server Agent only, or does it still require the Carbon Copy Agent too?

    Yes, it's possible to connect Carbon Copy Solution to a computer running Carbon Copy CE. Manually enter the computer name or IP address of this system, since the Notification Server will not have this particular system's IP address or workstation name in its database. If, however, this system also has the Carbon Copy Agent installed, then simply exit the CC CE Win32 Agent session, so that Carbon Copy can connect to this computer.

  2. If a computer is running the Win32 Console, can it connect to a computer that is running the Carbon Copy Agent, or only the Win32 Agent?

    Yes, a computer running the Win32 console can connect to either Carbon Copy Agents or CC CE Win32 Agents. The difference between Carbon Copy Solution and CC CE is that CC CE can run many concurrent session, and that Carbon Copy Solution can only run one session. Carbon Copy Solution 6.1 will have "one too many" in the future.

  3. If a computer is running the Win32 Console, and also has the Carbon Copy Agent installed, can it be controlled via CCS when it is controlling a computer via the Win32 Console?

    No, this is not possible. The CC CE Win32 Console and the Carbon Copy Agents cannot be loaded concurrently. This is simply for the fact that Carbon Copy can only load one instance of shellker.exe on a given system.  

    What will happen in this case when trying to load the Win32 Console and the Carbon Copy Solution Agents together on the same system, they will both be sharing the same instance of shellker. Both interfaces will try to load, whilst sharing the same instance of shellker. This is not supported and also results in erroneous license error messages when loading the Win32 console.

  4. Can the Win32 Agent and the Carbon Copy Agent coexist on the same computer, and if so, which Console will take precedence (Win32 or Carbon Copy Solution)?

    Yes, these two can co-exist on the same system (from an installation standpoint) but as mentioned above, it is only possible to load one these applications at a time, not concurrently.

  5. Why does the Carbon Copy Agent have a phonebook? Can the phonebook entries be transferred from a Win32 Agent to a Carbon Copy Agent?

    Well, the Carbon Copy Agent does actually have the ability to initiate a connection to another Carbon Copy Agent (not to a Win32 console, or if the serial numbers match). This particular function is being removed from Carbon Copy Solution with the release of 6.2, as it is seldom if ever used. Any phonebook.dat file should be exportable between the Win32 Console and the Carbon Copy Agents again, but this feature is going away.

  6. Can Carbon Copy Solution 6 be used to control Carbon Copy Agent 5.8 and 5.7, or is it best to use Carbon Copy Agent 6?

    There will be connection issues if attempting to use Carbon Copy Solution 6.0 to connect to a Carbon Copy Agent version 5.8 or 5.7. The reason for this is that versions 5.8 and 5.7 performed a client license verification check (which, by design, is one of the first things that occurs when you click on the connect icon), using a license page specific to Carbon Copy "getcclicensedetails.asp". In version 6.0, the "getlicensedetails.aspx" is utilized, which contains license information for all Solutions installed on a particular notification server.

  7. The Client Management Suite 6 License is for 55,000 nodes. However, the Servers are using Carbon Copy Consumer Edition 5.7. It is possible to move to Carbon Copy 6?  

    It will be necessary to extend the Carbon Copy Solution and CC CE license files to match this additional node count. Then remove CC CE from all of the Servers, and then deploy the Notification Server Agent and Carbon Copy Agent to these computers. Then install CC CE onto the computers that are used to RC into these Servers that are used by the Server Team. Having the Carbon Copy Agent installed onto them will also allow them to be managed by Carbon Copy Solution too.

  8. Can Carbon Copy CE 6.0 connect to Carbon Copy CE 5.7 or 5.8?  

    Yes, there should not be any problems.

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