Employee ID field from the Users are not populated to the Helpdesk contact

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Notification Server user resources can be synchronized to the Helpdesk but the Employee ID field is not populated. Is there a way to get this field to sync? 

Important Note: This example is provided as is. Customizations like this are out of the realm of support, but if you are needing more assistance with customizations like this example you will need to contact Professional Services. When working with support if there is an issue with your customized file you may be requested to restore to default for the file.

In order to get the employee ID to import you will need to customize the nssource.xml file. (Found under Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD\templates.)

Find the query in the <autoupdate_contact_sql_1> section of the file.
You need to add the following field: isnull(eid.[Employee id], N' ') as contact_external_id 
And the following join: left join inv_Employee_ID eid on i.Guid = eid._ResourceGuid

Also you will need to do the following changes:

Find the following line - isnull(i.[Job Title], N'') = cv.contact_title collate Latin1_General_CI_AS


insert this - isnull(eid.[Employee ID], N'') = cv.external_id collate Latin1_General_CI_AS

Note: Make sure that you thoroughly test and verify that the sync is working. Any issues with the SQL query will prevent users from syncing with the Helpdesk.  

You will also need to keep a backup of your changed file as the nssource.xml is replaced any time a repair or upgrade is run.

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