NetBackup status code: 2809

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NetBackup status code: 2809

Message: MS-SQL-Server policy restore error

Explanation: An error caused the restore of the SQL Server data to fail.

Recommended Action: Try the following possible solutions in the order presented:

  • Ensure that the client server list contains entries for the master server and any media servers that can be used during a backup or restore.

  • Examine the status or the progress log on the client for messages on why the restore failed. Also, check the All Log Entries report on the server.

  • Check ownership and permission on directories where files are restored and on the SQL instance that you are restoring.

  • Check ownership and permission on the SQL Server instance and on the directories where files are restored.

  • Check the following logs for additional failure information on the client side:

    install_path\NetBackup\logs\bpbkar (Snapshot Client)
    install_path\NetBackup\logs\bpfis (Snapshot Client)
    install_path\NetBackup\logs\bppfi (instant recovery)
  • Check the SQL server event viewers (application and system) for any errors or messages related to the restore operation.

  • Increase restore verbose levels.

    See the NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide.

    Review this guide to verify that you launched the restore correctly.

  • Connect to the server where SQL is running and launch the restore from that server using the Backup, Archive and Restore GUI.

  • Correct the problems that you find and retry the restore.

More information is available for this status code.

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