Installing Package Studio 7.0

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Best practice for installing Package Studio 7.0 


When installing Wise Package Studio Client/Server, here are some best practice tips:

  1. Review the Getting Started guide, specifically the section on Installing Package Studio. You can obtain the Altiris Knowledgebase search term  Getting Started Guide or from the Help menu in the Workbench.
  2. Review the Wise Package Studio Best Practice documentation available on our downloads page from the Web site.
  3. Wise Package Studio requires that a database be installed on the Server. Access is no longer supported, so SQL, or SQL Server Express 2005 needs to be installed on the computer before starting the installation. If the server previously contained Access, the data will be moved into the new database during the installation.
  4. Wise Package Studio Server should be installed directly on the server. If terminal services is used, many issue could occur, and it is currently not supported.
  5. If server location has been changed, rename the config.ini file located in the sharepoint folder, and then re-run the repository manager.

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