PXE Forced Mode Utility

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What is an easy way to set the DHCP options to make PXE compatible with Forced Mode and Interactive Mode as described in article 27249?


When setting up your environment to use the new PXE modes of operation, you will need to manually set your DHCP options to various values. The attached .zip file contains a program and a help file that help to facilitate the process of creating and setting those DHCP server options.

That file can be downloaded from the Attachments section to the right. You can also click here to download.

If the option 60 is still missing from DHCP Scope Options, see article 17347, "Creating and setting option 060 on a DHCP server."

For more information about configuring PXE forced mode in Cisco products. see article 41779.


PXEForcedMode.zip (343 kBytes)

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