NDMP DirectCopy notes and limitations

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NDMP DirectCopy notes and limitations

Note the following about NDMP DirectCopy:

  • Supports backup to tape and restore from tape, for NDMP data as well as non-NDMP data. Tape-to-tape duplications of backup images are also supported.

  • Does not support synthetic backup or multiple copies.

  • Does not support multiplexed backup.

  • Does not support storage unit groups for the destination device. If you select a storage unit group, NDMP DirectCopy is disabled. The data transfer takes place over the network by means of the NetBackup server.

  • In a VTL environment, a NAS appliance is not required; the VTL emulates a NAS (NDMP) host. The VTL requires NDMP tape server functionality.

  • NetBackup for NDMP software must be installed. NetBackup for NDMP is enabled by the Enterprise Disk Option license. Requires the NDMP protocol version V4 or higher.

  • NetBackup servers (master and media) must be at NetBackup 6.5 or later.

  • The NetBackup 7.x hardware compatibility list (HCL) indicates which VTL software supports this functionality:


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