Configuring remote NDMP

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Configuring remote NDMP

Configure NetBackup to make backups to either disk storage or tape storage units that are attached to a NetBackup media server. Only NDMP-specific steps are described.

To configure NDMP backups to disk storage or tape storage units

  1. Authorize the NetBackup server to access the NDMP hosts that you want to back up.

    Do the following on the NetBackup media server:

    • Expand Media and Device Management > Credentials > NDMP Hosts. Under the Actions menu, choose New > New NDMP Host to display the Add NDMP Host dialog box.

    • Enter the name of the NDMP server (NAS filer) to back up. This NDMP host name is case-sensitive.

    • Repeat the previous step for each NDMP host that the NetBackup server backs up.

    • If you plan to create snapshots using the Snapshot Client NAS_Snapshot method, do the previous step on the master server (not on the media server).

  2. Use the NetBackup Device Configuration Wizard to configure devices for remote NDMP (disks, or tape drives and robots, on the media server).

    Note the following:

    • Do not use the device configuration procedure in "Configuring NDMP backup to NDMP-attached devices" in the NetBackup for NDMP Administrator's Guide. Instead, configure the disk, robots, and drives the same way as the ordinary NetBackup devices are configured.

      See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

    • Tape drives can be shared using the Shared Storage Option (SSO) of NetBackup. The drives can be shared as both NDMP drives and non-NDMP drives.

      See About the Shared Storage Option (SSO).

  3. Create a disk or Media Manager storage unit for the drive(s). The storage unit type must be Disk or Media Manager, not NDMP.

    For details on storage units, refer to the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

  4. Create an NDMP-type policy. On the New/Change Policy display, be sure to specify the storage unit that was created at

    See "About Creating an NDMP policy" in the NetBackup for NDMP Administrator's Guide.

See About remote NDMP and disk devices

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