'Key lookups failed for Association Type', when importing resources using Connector Solution

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When importing resources through Altiris Connector Solution, why do I see the warning message:
"x" key lookups failed for Association Type "associationType"


A datasource may contain fields for resources that are associations and not part of the resource data class itself.

An example of this would be a spreadsheet containing computer resources. One column in the datasource may be "Location". This would be an association to a computer. If any of the locations used in the datasource have not been added to the system, a warning will be displayed during the import process indicating the number of records in the datasource which have a location not present in the system.

Adding the missing locations to the system will cause all of the associations to be made for each resource during the import and no warnings would be displayed for the Association Type "Location".

In this example, one could use this same datasource, which presented the warnings, to import the Locations column into the system, thus adding missing Location resources. Re-importing the Computers would then produce no warnings for Location.

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