How to add additional users in Carbon Copy Security Group in AD

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How to add some additional users to my Carbon Copy Security Group in AD to allow them to remote control PCs? For some reason, they still cannot remote control. When they go to the web page and type in a serial # or IP address, the "go" button is grayed out. Other users that were setup the same way (prior to 6.x upgrade), are fine. Any ideas?

Using Altiris Version   6.0.6074 (SP 3)

Generally speaking , when the options within the carbon copy remote-control page is grayed out, it specifically points to the fact that the user account accessing the page is either part of the group within notification server security that does not have "remotely control with carbon copy" enabled or the account itself is not part of any security role group.

Another good way to check this is to access the remotely control with carbon copy page itself, highlight it, right click it and choose properties and then security. You will then see the privileges page listing all the groups and the associated permissions for those groups to that page. Verify that the account being used to access the carbon copy web page is a member of one of these particular groups. Typically any time you see the remotely control with Carbon Copy page having items that are grayed out, it invariably is a result of permissions within the notification server security role management definition not set correctly.

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