Customer Data Protection policy template

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Customer Data Protection policy template

The following describes the conditions and dictionaries that this policy template uses.

See Customer and employee data-protection templates.

See About content filtering policy templates.

Described Content conditions

The Described Content conditions are as follows:

  • US Social Security Number Patterns - Looks for a match to the Social Security number regular expression and a keyword from the US SSN Keywords dictionary.

  • Credit Card Numbers, All - Looks for a match to the credit card number system pattern and a keyword from the Credit Card Number Keywords dictionary.

  • ABA Routing Numbers - Looks for a match to the ABA Routing number regular expression and a keyword from the ABA Routing Number Keywords dictionary.

Structured Data conditions

The Structured Data conditions are as follows:

  • Username/Password Combinations - Looks for user names and passwords in combination in Record resource View.

  • 3 or more customer data fields - Looks for combination of data from any 3 of the following fields in Record resource View: SSN, Phone, Email, First Name, Last Name, Bank Card number, Account Number, ABA Routing Number, Canadian Social Insurance Number, and UK National Insurance Number, Date of Birth. Exceptions: combination of phone, email, and first or last names; email or phone and first and last names.

  • Exact SSN or CCN - Looks for SSN or Bank Card Number in Record resource View.

  • Customer Directory - Looks for Phone or Email in Record resource view

Included dictionaries

The included dictionaries are as follows:

  • US SSN Keywords

  • Credit Card Number Keywords

  • ABA Routing Number Keywords

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