What you can do with Symantec Web Gateway

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What you can do with Symantec Web Gateway

Table: What you can do with Symantec Web Gateway describes what you can do with Symantec Web Gateway.

Table: What you can do with Symantec Web Gateway



Protect computers from spyware, botnets, and viruses

Symantec Web Gateway detects and blocks malware from Web sites and Internet downloads. Symantec Web Gateway must be installed in the inline network configuration or as a proxy server to block downloads.

See Configuring policies for malware.

Block selected Internet applications by category

You can configure Symantec Web Gateway to prevent peer-to-peer sharing, streaming media, games, and other Internet applications from accessing the Internet.

See Configuring policies for Internet applications.

Block select Web sites

Symantec Web Gateway can block individual Web sites or categories of Web sites. To block Web sites by category, you must have the URL filtering license.

See Configuring URL filtering policies for Web sites.

Display reports

You can display reports on a wide range of statistics. Available reports include most accessed Web sites, most active users, infected clients, most common malware, network attacks, and infection sources. Click a statistic in a report to get more information about that user, computer, Web site, category, and so on.

See About reports.

Configure alerts

Symantec Web Gateway can issue alerts for attacks, infections, and system events. Symantec Web Gateway transmits alerts by email, syslog, or SNMP.

See About alerts.

Quarantine infected computers

Symantec Web Gateway can automatically block inbound and outbound Internet access for infected computers to prevent malware from spreading.

See Quarantining infected computers.

Integrate with Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Symantec Web Gateway can pass outbound Web traffic through Symantec Data Loss Prevention to protect your company's data assets. You must have a separate Symantec Data Loss Prevention appliance.

See Specifying a Symantec Data Loss Prevention server.

Inspect SSL-encrypted Internet traffic

Symantec Web Gateway can monitor SSL-encrypted Internet traffic for malware or pass the encrypted traffic to Symantec Data Loss Prevention. You must have a separate Symantec Data Loss Prevention appliance to analyze SSL-encrypted traffic for data loss.

See Configuring the Symantec Web Gateway proxy for SSL Deep Inspection.

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