How to reclaim Carbon Copy Licenses

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How can I reclaim Carbon Copy Licenses if I already decommissioned pc's?

The right way to reduce your license count and reclaim licenses for Carbon Copy is to run a Carbon Copy Agent uninstall policy on the agent machines with a collection of the ones that you want to decommission prior to pulling them off the network - let them uninstall the agent and refresh your ns to reflect the license counts being reduced or licenses being reclaimed.

For machines that crash, can't boot up normal mode, can only boot up in safe mode with networking, or re-imaged machines - these machines you can not start the Altiris Agent since it is a .MSI it wont allow you to run in safe mode therefore unable to communicate the altiris agent to the NS machine.

Re-imaged machines wouldn't have the Altiris Agent installed on them yet therefore they can't communicate back to the NS either.

Now for both instances you can reclaim licenses thru the NS console.

  • Make sure the agent machine/decommissioned machine/reimaged machine is powered off and therefore unable to communicate to the NS server.
  • Go to your NS console Resources Tab, 'Resources > Defaults > Computer', this will bring up a list of computers
  • Find a computer that you have decommissioned or that has crashed and is off the network
  • Right click on it within this list.
  • From the right click properties select delete - it will ask you if you want to delete the computer select ok
  • The list will update an you will notice that machine removed from the list
  • Go to your Configuration Tab, 'Configuration > Licensing > License Status' at the bottom of this page click refresh

You will notice your license will be reclaimed and the # in Use will decrease by the # of machines deleted from the list of computers that were on the 'Resources Tab > Resources > Defaults > Computer' list.

This way you can reclaim licenses.

Then if you re-imaged a machine or put a brand new machine on the network and pushed out the altiris agent and carbon copy agents to the reimaged or new machine they would then register with the NS and take the available license.

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