TS7: How can we find out what tasks are currently running?

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Related Questions:

  • How can we find out what tasks are currently running without visiting each task we've created?
  • Well, we've created a report to help you with that.  The report is attached to this KB.  You should download it, then go to your reports, and import it to wherever you'd like to keep it.

Known Purposes:

  • Overlapping / Repeating tasks
  • Console Performance issues
  • Preparation for Upgrades
  • Task conflicts

More on each item:

Overlapping / Repeating Tasks
We've seen occasions where a task that is scheduled runs or repeats prior to the completion of the same task previously.  When we've seen this, often there will be several, even hundreds, all queued to run and running simultaneously - or rather, attempting to.  Often they literally interrupt each other.  This report can quickly determine how problematic the issue is.

Console Performance Issues
When trying to determine why the console is not performing, one of the many factors to consider includes running tasks.  Tasks can generate a lot of traffic to the console from clients, or can actually utilize resources on the console when being performed as server-side tasks (e.g. Patch background actions).  This report can help highlight how many or what kinds of tasks may impact this.

Preparation for Upgrades
When an upgrade begins, the services are stopped, which prevents several things, including scheduling events, and possibly receipt of information.  This directly affects Tasks since a task is considered as "failed" if the response for completion / success does not happen within the time allotted.  An upgrade literally stops the top tier of Task while leaving the middle tier (site server) and clients still functioning but with no one to talk to.  This is not recommended and is highly problematic for Deployment Solution.  This report can help determine if any tasks are running which should be allowed to complete before starting the upgrade.  

Background tasks are not as important, so look for the tasks that you personally know you run and need to complete rather than trying to ensure ALL tasks are complete (may not be possible).

Task Conflicts
This is a particular issue where a task can literally stop another task from running.  Tasks have an option to run exclusively, and may be configured for this for a variety of reasons.  Often, when troubleshooting the failure of one task to complete, it can be useful to know if other tasks are running that may be exclusive.  This report can assist in pointing out IF other tasks are running at all, and if so helping to point out where to look for possible conflicts.

May 15th 2013 - The report was modified to exclude results for tasks that have completed but do not have an End Time for some reason.

Note: The report excludes one type of task by design - those that have no names.  Because these are not accessible from the console to stop or otherwise manipulate, they were excluded, but if you need them, simply modify the report and remove the last line - the Where clause.

~Additionally, this report will work on CMS/ITMS 7.5 & 7.5 SP1.


Updated to only show tasks that are truly in a running state.
Currently Running Known Tasks.xml (9 kBytes)

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