How the client computers get policy updates

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How the client computers get policy updates

When you configure policies on the management server, you need to have the updated policies downloaded to the client computers. In the console, you can configure client computers to use either of the following update methods:

Pull mode

The client computer connects to the management server periodically, depending on the frequency of the heartbeat setting. The client computer checks the status of the management server when the client connects.

Push mode

The client computer establishes a constant HTTP connection to the management server. Whenever a change occurs in the management server status, it notifies the client computer immediately.

In either mode, the client computer takes the corresponding action, based on the change in the status of the management server. Because it requires a constant connection, Push mode requires a large amount of network bandwidth. Client computers that are configured to use Pull mode require less bandwidth.

See Configuring push mode or pull mode to update client policies and content.

The heartbeat protocol defines the frequency at which client computers upload data such as log entries and download policies. The first heartbeat occurs immediately after the client starts. The next heartbeat occurs at the heartbeat frequency that you set.

The heartbeat frequency is a key factor in the number of clients that each Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager can support. If you set a heartbeat frequency to 30 minutes or less, it limits the total number of clients that Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager can support. For deployments of 1,000 clients or more, Symantec recommends that you set the heartbeat frequency to the maximum length of time possible. Symantec recommends that you use the longest interval that still meets your company's security requirements. For example, if you want to update policies and gather logs on a daily basis, then you might set the heartbeat frequency to 24 hours. Consult Symantec Professional Services and Symantec Enterprise Support to assess the proper configuration, hardware, and network architecture necessary for your network environment.


You can also update polices manually on a client computer.

See Using the policy serial number to check client-server communication.

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