Converting a shared policy to a non-shared policy

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Converting a shared policy to a non-shared policy

You can copy the content of a shared policy and create a non-shared policy from that content. A copy enables you to change the content of a shared policy in one location and not in all other locations. The copy overrides the existing shared policy.

When you finish the conversion, the converted policy with its new name appears under Location-specific Policies and Settings.

See Copying and pasting a policy on the Policies page.

To convert a shared policy to a non-shared policy

  1. In the console, click Clients.

  2. In the Clients page, under Clients, select the group for which you want to convert a policy.

  3. In the pane that is associated with the group that you selected in the previous step, click Policies.

  4. On the Policies tab, uncheck Inherit policies and settings from parent group group_name.

    You must disable inheritance for this group. If you do not uncheck inheritance, you cannot replace a policy.

  5. Under Location-specific Policies and Settings, scroll to find the name of the location and the specific policy for the location that you want to convert.

  6. Beside the specific policy, click Tasks, and then click Convert to Non-shared Policy.

  7. In the Overview dialog box, edit the name and description of the policy.

  8. Modify the other policy settings as desired.

  9. Click OK.

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