Bypassing the scanning of base image files

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Bypassing the scanning of base image files

You can leverage base images to build virtual machines for your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment. The Symantec Virtual Image Exception tool lets scans ignore base image files, which reduces the resource load on disk I/O. It also improves CPU scanning process performance in your VDI environment.

Before you enable this feature in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, first run the Virtual Image Exception tool on the base image files. The Virtual Image Exception tool marks the base image file by adding an attribute. If the file changes, this attribute is removed. This tool is found in the /tools/VirtualImageException folder on the Symantec Endpoint Protection product disc.

For more information about how to use this tool, see the Symantec Endpoint Protection Virtual Image Exception User Guide, which is located in the same folder.

This feature is disabled by default. Enable the feature so that when your client scans a file, it looks for this attribute. If the base image file contains the attribute, the client does not scan the file.

You can specify to bypass scanning unchanged base image files for Auto-Protect scanning or administrator-defined scans (such as manual scans or scheduled scans).

To bypass the scanning of base image files

  1. On the console, open a Virus and Spyware Protection policy, and under Advanced Options, click Miscellaneous.

  2. On the Virtual Images tab, check the options that you want to enable.

  3. Click OK.

See Using the Virtual Image Exception tool on a base image

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