Specifying which data to replicate

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Specifying which data to replicate

You can choose to replicate or duplicate client packages, LiveUpdate content, and the logs between the local site and the remote site. The administrator at the remote site can then deploy the client package and LiveUpdate content.

If you decide to replicate client packages and LiveUpdate content, you may duplicate a large volume of data. The data in a client package might be as large as 5 GB. Both Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Network Access Control 32- bit and 64-bit installation packages may require as much as 500 MB of disk space. If you plan to replicate logs, make sure that you have sufficient disk space for the additional logs on all the replication partner servers.

To specify which data to replicate

  1. In the console, click Admin, and then click Servers.

  2. Under Servers, click Replication Partners.

  3. Expand Replication Partners and select the replication partner with which you want to replicate client packages.

  4. Under Tasks, click Edit Replication Partner Properties.

  5. In the Replication Partner Properties dialog box, click Replicate client packages between local site and partner site.

  6. Click OK.

See About client deployment methods.

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