Editing the reauthentication period

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Editing the reauthentication period

You can edit the reauthentication period at any time if circumstances change.

You must specify the amount of time in seconds during which the client must be reauthenticated. Otherwise the client is removed from the list of connected clients and disconnected from the network.

You should set the reauthentication period to be at least double the amount of time of the reauthentication interval on the switch.

For example, if the reauthentication interval on the switch is 30 seconds, the LAN Enforcer reauthentication period should be at least 60 seconds. Otherwise the LAN Enforcer assumes that the client is timed out. Therefore the client does not release and renew its IP address.

The default setting is 30 seconds.

See Switch settings.

To edit the reauthentication period

  1. In the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console, click Admin.

  2. Click Servers.

  3. Select the Enforcer group.

  4. Click Edit Group Properties.

  5. In the LAN Enforcer Settings dialog box, on the Switch tab in the Switch Policy table, click the switch policy that you want to change.

  6. Click Edit.

  7. In the Edit Switch Policy for name of switch policy dialog box, on the Basic Information tab, edit the reauthentication period in the Reauthentication period in seconds field.

  8. Click OK.

  9. In the LAN Enforcer Settings dialog box, on the Switch tab, click OK.

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