Importing (migrating) exported files

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Importing (migrating) exported files

When you migrate exported PST files to an archive, it is best to locate the destination archive on a different vault store from the original archive. If these archives are on the same vault store, then you must delete the original archive before migrating the PST files. Failure to do this results in duplicate entries in the vault store database.

The following steps summarize the procedure for migrating PST files when the destination archive is on the same vault store as the original archive.

To migrate PST files to an archive on the same vault store as the original archive

  1. After you have exported the archive to PST files using the Export Archive wizard, ensure that the export was successful.

  2. If the destination archive is to be associated with the same mailbox, then disable the mailbox using the Enterprise Vault Administration Console.

  3. In the Enterprise Vault Administration Console, delete the original archive.

  4. To create the destination archive, enable the associated mailbox.

  5. Use PST Migration to import the PST files into the new archive. To fix any broken shortcuts in the mailbox, configure PST migration as follows:

    • Do not create shortcuts to newly-archived items.

    • Import items to the root folder .

    • Merge the folder structures.

See PST configuration files and exported archives

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