Configuring desktop policies for Domino mailbox archiving

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Configuring desktop policies for Domino mailbox archiving

A Domino desktop policy defines the end user's experience when using the Enterprise Vault Lotus Notes client. It contains settings that determine the Enterprise Vault features and functionality that the client provides. You can create multiple policies if you want different provisioning groups to use different policy settings. If you wish, you can create a custom desktop policy for each provisioning group.

The desktop policy settings include following options:

  • Show or hide Enterprise Vault menu options, such as Search, Store, Restore, and Delete.

  • Control the availability of Vault Cache and its maximum size.

  • Control advanced settings for Vault Cache.

A default Domino desktop policy is created in the Administration Console by the configuration wizard.

If you modify a desktop policy after setting up Domino mailbox archiving, then you need to synchronize the mailboxes using the button on the Synchronization tab in the Domino Provisioning task properties.

To view and modify the properties of the default Domino desktop policy

  1. Expand your Enterprise Vault site.

  2. Click Policies > Domino > Desktop.

  3. Right-click Default Domino Desktop Policy in the right pane and select Properties. You can modify the properties of this policy, as required, and also create new policies.

To create a new Domino desktop policy

  1. In the Administration Console, expand your Enterprise Vault site and then click Policies > Domino > Desktop.

  2. Right-click the Desktop container and select New > Policy to launch the new policy wizard.

  3. The new policy is displayed in the right pane.

  4. To adjust the policy properties, right-click the policy and select Properties.

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