About Enterprise Vault utilities

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About Enterprise Vault utilities

Enterprise Vault provides a number of utilities with which you can test and log the performance of Enterprise Vault, run scripts to perform common tasks, and more.

Table: Available Enterprise Vault utilities lists the utilities that are available when you install Enterprise Vault.

Table: Available Enterprise Vault utilities

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Create and manage "archive points" - the points marking the top of each folder structure that File System Archiving is to store in a single archive.

See About ArchivePoints

Audit Viewer

View and filter the data that is logged in an Enterprise Vault auditing database.

See About Audit Viewer


Obtain tracing information from Enterprise Vault processes. The trace starts automatically, just before a problem occurs.

See About Backtrace


Test the connection to an EMC Centera cluster.

See About CenteraPing

Domino Archive Exporter

Export items from an Enterprise Vault Domino archive to a Lotus Notes database.

See About Domino Archive Exporter

Domino Profile Document Tool

View the contents of the profile document that Enterprise Vault adds to a Lotus Domino mailbox.

See About Domino Profile Document Tool

Domino Retention Plan Tool

Upload to Enterprise Vault any new retention plans that you create.

See About Domino retention plans


Run Enterprise Vault in debug mode by logging what processes are doing at the code level.


Modify shortcuts in Exchange Server mailboxes that have been migrated from Domino to Exchange Server.

See About the EVDominoExchangeMigration tool


Remove the extended attributes from files so that FSA can create placeholder shortcuts for them.

See About EVEARemovalUtility


Configure the required permissions and privileges for a changed Vault Service account on a file server on which the FSA Agent is installed.

See About EVFSASetRightsAndPermissions


Grant user rights to users and groups from a command line or batch file.

See About EVrights


Start and stop Windows services and Enterprise Vault tasks on local or remote computers.

See About EVservice


Report on, verify, and repair Enterprise Vault storage. You can also perform a number of specialized activities such as retrieving the savesets of an archived item and extracting savesets from an EMC Centera data blob.

See About EVSVR


Start archiving from a specified file server, synchronize permissions, and prune earlier versions of archived files.

See About FSARunNow


Cancel the permanent deletion of the archived files for specified placeholders, or for all of the placeholders in a specified folder.

See About FSAUndelete


Recreate archive points and placeholders, move and delete placeholders, and restore archived files.

See About FSAUtility

NTFS to Centera Migration

Copy Enterprise Vault savesets from an NTFS source partition to an EMC Centera destination partition.

See About NTFS to Centera Migration

OWA 2003 Control Files Tool

Apply Enterprise Vault changes to supported Microsoft hotfixes for Exchange Server 2003.

See About OWA 2003 Control Files Tool

Permission Browser

View the security identifiers (SIDs) and access permissions for the archives and archive folders in an Enterprise Vault directory database.

See About Permission Browser

Policy Manager

Use scripts to modify and control mailboxes and archives so that they conform to your Enterprise Vault archiving policies. Additionally, you can use Policy Manager to migrate the contents of PST files to Enterprise Vault.

See About Policy Manager


Fix a number of problems with the Enterprise Vault add-in to Microsoft Outlook.

See About ResetEVClient

Vault Store Usage Reporter

Obtain reports on current vault store usage.

See About Vault Store Usage Reporter

See Running the Enterprise Vault command-line utilities with administrator privileges

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