Starting EVSVR

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Starting EVSVR

You must run EVSVR as the Vault Service account on an Enterprise Vault server. The server must be located in the Enterprise Vault site that contains the data that you want to process.


You must run this utility with Administrator privileges if the computer has User Account Control (UAC) enabled.

See Running the Enterprise Vault command-line utilities with administrator privileges.

To start EVSVR

  1. Log on to the Enterprise Vault server as the Vault Service account.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Enterprise Vault program folder (for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault) and double-click evsvr.exe.

    • Open a command prompt window and change to the Enterprise Vault program folder. Then type the following command:


    EVSVR displays some startup information, which includes the following:

    • If the MAPI (Exchange) and Domino runtime components are not available, that this is the case. You must ensure that the appropriate runtime components are installed if you want to perform any EVSVR operation that requires the retrieval of savesets.

    • The name of the user account under which you are running EVSVR (that is, the Vault Service account).

    • The name of the Enterprise Vault site.

    • The version number of EVSVR.

  3. Type a command at the EVSVR> prompt.

See EVSVR commands.

See About EVSVR

See About Enterprise Vault utilities

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