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About Mobile Search

Symantec Enterprise Vault Mobile Search is a web-based application. It lets you use a web browser on a mobile device to search for and view Microsoft Exchange Server emails that Enterprise Vault has archived.

Mobile Search can search archives on single or multiple Enterprise Vault servers in an Enterprise Vault site. Mobile Search can be installed with or without BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Mobile Search is deployed as a web application using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). It accesses the IIS web server using HTTPS.

Mobile Search accepts valid connection requests from most common mobile devices without the need for any device-specific configuration. The available mobile device models and ranges change continually, so we do not specify a list of supported devices.

You can optionally add a device to the Mobile Search configuration file. However, you only need to add a device if you want to specify maximum column widths for the search results on that particular device. Mobile Search provides configurable default maximum column widths that are suitable for most devices.

See Setting column widths on the search results page in Mobile Search.

In the event of an issue with support of a specific device type, contact your normal support provider.

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