How do Helpdesk associations between contacts and assets interact when synced with the Notification Server?

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If the feature "Synchronize resource and incident data with Notification Server" is enabled in Incident Settings, the Resource Types that have been enabled in Helpdesk under Admin > Resource Types are imported into Helpdesk, along with any associations between contacts, which may have been established. The following are common methods used to establish these associations:

  1. If a matching record is found for a given Helpdesk contact and asset in the Inv_Aex_AC_Primary_User table, then an association between that contact and asset is created in Helpdesk. This is set by the Primary User assignment by the core Notification Server basic Agent based on who uses the computer in Windows.
  2. The Asset Owners associations between a resource and user, such as those created by the "Assign Computer's Ownership to be the Primary User" task in CMDB.
  3. The Asset Owners associations manually created between a resource and a user in by editing the resource.
  4. The Asset Owners associations that have been imported with Connector Solution.
  5. An association in the Helpdesk database that is created between the asset and contact once both have been assigned to an Incident, if no prior association existed.
  6. Associations are made regardless of the resource's status. For example, computers set to Retired will still be synced to Helpdesk as assets.

Note: Associations between contacts to incidents and assets to incidents are imported back into NS when the NS-Helpdesk synchronization runs. These associations can be viewed by right-clicking a user in the Altiris Console Resource tab and selecting the Resource Association Diagram.

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