Implementing Enterprise Vault Reporting

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Implementing Enterprise Vault Reporting

You can implement Enterprise Vault Reporting with or without FSA Reporting. FSA Reporting enables you to use Enterprise Vault Reporting's data analysis reports in addition to the standard Enterprise Vault Reporting operation reports.

Table: Implementing Enterprise Vault Reporting lists the steps that you must perform to implement Enterprise Vault Reporting.

Table: Implementing Enterprise Vault Reporting




Step 1

Decide where to install Enterprise Vault Reporting.

See Where and when to install Enterprise Vault Reporting.

Step 2

Satisfy the prerequisites for Enterprise Vault Reporting.

See Prerequisites for Enterprise Vault Reporting.

Step 3

Enable Enterprise Vault monitoring and auditing, if you want to use the reports that rely on these features.

You can perform this step at any time. However, the reports that rely on monitoring or auditing contain no data until the relevant feature is enabled and has gathered the relevant data.

See Enterprise Vault reports that require monitoring or auditing to be enabled.

Step 4

Perform the preinstallation steps for Enterprise Vault Reporting.

See Preparing for the installation of Enterprise Vault Reporting.

Step 5

Install the Enterprise Vault Reporting component.

See Installing the Enterprise Vault Reporting component.

Step 6

Run the Reporting Configuration utility to configure Enterprise Vault Reporting and to deploy the reports.

Do not perform this step until you have run the Enterprise Vault Configuration wizard on at least one computer in the site on which Enterprise Vault services are installed.

See Configuring Enterprise Vault Reporting.

Step 7

Check that the configuration was successful and that you can access the reports.

See Checking that the configuration of Enterprise Vault Reporting was successful.

Step 8

Remember to assign suitable administrator roles to any additional user accounts that require access to the reports.

See Administrator roles that provide access to Enterprise Vault Reporting's reports.

Step 9

Configure FSA Reporting for your target file servers, if required.

You can configure FSA Reporting for a file server at any time.

The reports are not available until you have performed the other steps in this table.

See Configuring FSA Reporting.

If you experience any problems at any step of the implementation process, consult the troubleshooting documentation.

See About troubleshooting Enterprise Vault Reporting.

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