FSAUtility options

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FSAUtility options

Table Table: FSAUtility options lists the actions you can perform with FSAUtility.

Table: FSAUtility options


FSAUtility parameter

More information

Recreate archive points on the original path.

FSAUtility -a

See Recreating archive points.

Recreate the placeholders for archived files in their original location.

FSAUtility -c

See Recreating placeholders.

Move placeholders and the corresponding archived files. The archive point that applies to the destination folder determines the destination archive.

FSAUtility -m

See Moving placeholders and corresponding files.

Migrate placeholders from a source path to a destination path without moving the archived data.

FSAUtility -pm

See Migrating placeholders.

Delete orphaned placeholders for which no corresponding item exists in the archive.

FSAUtility -o

See Deleting orphaned placeholders.

Restore all archived files, or archived files of the specified file types, to their original location or a new location.

FSAUtility -t

See Restoring archived files.

Recall the archived files that correspond to placeholders that are present in a folder.

FSAUtility -b

See Recalling files corresponding to placeholders.

Fix folder points.

FSAUtility -fp

Use this option only when directed by Symantec Support.

See About FSAUtility

See Running FSAUtility

See About using FSAUtility with EMC Celerra/VNX placeholders

See About Enterprise Vault utilities

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