Location of Vault Cache and Virtual Vault registry values

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Location of Vault Cache and Virtual Vault registry values

The Outlook Add-In looks for the Vault Cache and Virtual Vault registry values listed here in the following registry keys, in this order:


   \Enterprise Vault


   \Enterprise Vault


   \Enterprise Vault

If the Outlook Add-In does not find the policy value in these registry keys, it uses the policy value that is set in the Exchange desktop policy. If there is no equivalent policy value in the Exchange desktop policy, the Outlook Add-In uses the registry value default.

The registry values to which this information applies are as follows:

  • NotificationsEnabled

  • OVAllowMissedMDCSyncOnStartup

  • OVContentDownload

  • OVDownloadItemAgeLimit

  • OVEnabled

  • OVItemArchiveAttempts

  • OVMaxItemArchivesPerSync

  • OVMaxItemDeletesPerSync

  • OVMaxItemUpdatesPerSync

  • OVMaxMessageSizeToArchiveMB

  • OVMaxToArchivePerSyncMB

  • OVMaxTotalToArchiveMB

  • OVMDCSyncFrequencyInSecs

  • OVMessageClassExclude

  • OVMessageClassInclude

  • OVPauseInterval

  • OVPerItemSleep

  • OVPreemptAdvance

  • OVRequireOfflineStore

  • OVRootDirectory

  • OVRootDirectorySearchPath

  • OVStoreSize

  • OVStoreSizePercent

  • OVSyncArchiveTypes

  • OVSyncSlotTimeOutInSecs

  • VVAllowArchive

  • VVAllowHardDelete

  • VVAllowInterStoreCopyAndMove

  • VVAllowIntraStoreCopy

  • VVAllowReOrg

  • VVAutoSyncItemsSizeThresholdMB

  • VVAutoSyncItemThreshold

  • VVDenyMultiContentlessOpsAboveMB

  • VVEnabled

  • VVReadingPaneContent

  • VVStubOnlyModuleList

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