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About FSAUndelete

FSAUndelete cancels the permanent deletion of the archived items for specified placeholders, or for all of the placeholders in a specified folder of a file server.

FSAUndelete is typically for use when all of the following conditions apply:

  • You have set the option Enable recovery of user deleted items on the Archive Settings tab of the Site Properties in the Administration Console. This option provides a "soft delete" mechanism. When a user deletes an item, Enterprise Vault retains the archived item for a specified number of days, before it permanently deletes the archived item.

  • You use placeholders, and you use an archiving policy with the setting "Delete archived file when placeholder is deleted".

  • You restore placeholders to a file server, for example from a backup.

In this scenario, some of the archived files that are associated with the restored placeholders may be due for permanent deletion. A restored placeholder works only until Enterprise Vault permanently deletes the archived file. By using FSAUndelete you can cancel the permanent deletion of the archived files, without the need to restore all of the files in the archive.

FSAUndelete provides options to do the following:

  • Undelete an archived file that corresponds to a specified placeholder.

  • Undelete the archived files that correspond to all of the placeholders in a specified folder. You can optionally choose to include all of the subfolders of the specified folder.

FSAUndelete generates a report on the command line that lists the files that it has undeleted, and any failures such as orphaned placeholders or specified placeholders that it did not find.

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