About Index Server groups

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About Index Server groups

An Index Server is an Enterprise Vault server that has the Enterprise Vault Indexing service installed. An Index Server can be a member of an Index Server group, or it can be ungrouped.

The Index Servers in an Index Server group do the following:

  • Index the vault stores that are associated with the Index Server group.

  • Respond to search queries.

An Index Server group allocates new index volumes to different servers in the group. Index volumes that belong to journal archives are allocated to different servers in the group.

By default, Enterprise Vault attempts to allocate mailbox index volumes to the server in the Index Server group that has the Storage service that hosts the mailbox archive. If the mailbox is not hosted on an Index Server that is in the Index Server group then any Index Server in the Index Server group may be used.

  • When you place the Storage service and Indexing service on separate servers the communication between these services results in an increase in network traffic.


    If the network cannot cope with the extra demands there is no benefit from Index Server groups.

  • Index Server groups provide Indexing services for large or distributed Enterprise Vault environments. In a distributed environment, some Enterprise Vault servers may host Storage services, while others host Indexing services.

There is a best practices whitepaper for Enterprise Vault indexing.

See http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC4250

See About Enterprise Vault indexing.

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