How to export archived items

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How to export archived items

Enterprise Vault provides Administrators with a wizard to export archived items.

You cannot use the wizard to export Enterprise Vault Domino archives. If you want to export items from Domino archives, see the description of Domino Archive Exporter in the Utilities manual.

The wizard enables you to export the following:

  • Archives to PST files.

  • Archives to their original Exchange Server mailboxes.

  • A single archive to any Exchange Server mailbox.

You can export the following archive types:

  • Exchange Server mailbox and journal archives.

  • File system archives.

  • Shared archives. (Shared archives are special archives that you can create and enable several users to access. These archives do not contain folders.)

You can filter the output by date and by Retention Category. So, for example, you could export items less than a year old that were archived with a Retention Category of "Business".

When you export archives to PST files you can then import them back into Enterprise Vault. This is useful if, for example, you are moving a mailbox to a different Enterprise Vault site and want to move its archived items too.

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