Recovery Solution 6.2.2332 (6.2 SP1) Hotfixes and Known Issues

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What Hotfixes and Known Issues are included in Recovery Solution 6.2.2332?

Please note that Recovery Solution 6.2.2760 (6.2 SP2) is released.

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332 (6.2 SP1) Hotfixes

This article contains links to all of the hotfixes released for Recovery Solution 6.2.2332. Subscribe to this article to be notified about all updates and additional hotfixes added in the future. Some of the hotfixes below are accumulative hotfixes.

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Description of HotFix Severity:

A Critical severity hot fix is a major bug in the solution which applies to all environments and configurations. It can cause major interruptions to the system.

A Medium severity Hot Fix applies to most environments and configuration but the impact of this is minor and only causes minimal impact to the solution. Normally an Agent side fix only.

A Low severity Hot Fix is a one off fix to resolve a very minor issue in a very unique environment and/or configuration, this does not apply to everyone and before applying make sure that the root cause and configuration is exactly the same.

HotFixes and Known Issues:

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 1 (Severity: Critical)

Article 29246, "Lost BLOBs are not processed correctly by the Integrity Check (Hotfix 1)"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 2 (Severity: Medium)

Article 31403, "Snapshot fails on a computer having large number of disks or partitions (Hotfix 2)"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 3 (Severity: Medium) Article 31404, "Full automatic registration does not take place with command-line based reinstall (Hotfix 3)"


Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Other Known Issues

Article 29509, "KNOWN ISSUE: Upgrade from Recovery Solution 6.2.2106 to 6.2.2332 snapshots and restores are very slow or they cancel"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 4 (Severity: Medium)

Article 32726, "Duplicate BLOBs are created in the same storage group"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 5 (Severity: Medium) 

Article 32736, "Secure Recovery Solution Agent registration on re-install of Recovery Solution Agent"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 6 (Severity: Low) 

Article 32728, "Setting e-mail address for forwarding Recovery Solution events allows a single e-mail address only"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 7 (Severity: High (for customers having French Windows XP) )

Article 32729, "System variables do not work on Microsoft Windows XP French"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 8 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 7) (Severity: Medium)

Article 32730, "Snapshots on Windows NT computers hang at Open File Manager synchronisation"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 9 (Severity: Critical)

Article 32723, "Recovery Solution 6.0.395 to Recovery Solution 6.2.2332 agent upgrade completes successfully, but the Recovery Agent is grayed out in the system tray"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 10 (Severity: Medium)

Article 32731, "Snapshots take a long time on folders encrypted by Microsoft EFS"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 11 (Severity: Critical)

Article 32732, "Recovery Solution Server status unavailable in the Altiris Console"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 12 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 3 and Hotfix 5) (Severity: Medium)

Article 32734, "Recovery Agent could not create the JobQueue COM object"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 13 (This Hotfix includes Hotfix 6) (Severity: Low)

Article 34757, "Additional Threshold levels for snapshot"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 14 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 4) (Severity: Critical)

Article 34758, "AeXVault.exe crash during Storage Locations Synchronization Job"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 15 (Severity: Medium)

Article 34759, "LR partition creation hangs for HP DC7700P"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 16 (Severity: Medium)

Article 35014, "Full System Recovery from USB Media"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 17 (Severity: Critical)

Article 34760, "Server Space Management Job works incorrectly works with exclude exceptions"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 18 (Severity: Medium)

Article 34761, "Restored EFS encrypted files are corrupted after Full System Recovery"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 19 (Severity: Critical)

Article 34169, "Recovery Server Host Manager hangs"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 20 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 7, Hotfix 8 and Hotfix 11) (Severity: Medium)

Article 34763, "Environment variables are not allowed for partial snapshot"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 21 (This HotFix includes HotFix #12) (Severity: Medium)

Article 34764, "Scheduled snapshots sometimes do not run from remote client computers"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 22 (This HotFix includes HotFix #17) (Severity: Critical)

Article 34765, "Recovery Solution Server service receives a shutdown request at Server Space Management job startup"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 23 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 14) (Severity: Critical)

Article 35008, "Data File Synchronization job completed with errors"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 24 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 14 and Hotfix 23) (Severity: Critical)

Article 35010, "After upgrade to 6.2.2332 the status of the storage is 'inaccessible'"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 25 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 22) (Severity: Critical)

Article 36062, "Server Space Management Job hangs during re-baselining"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 26 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 21) (Severity: Medium)

Article 36063, "An internal error occured during a snapshot"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 27 (This HotFix includes Hotfix 6 and Hotfix 11) (Severity: Low) Article 36242, "Cannot complete Recovery Solution Cluster creation due to the timeout"


Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 28 (This HotFix includes HotFix 14, HotFix 23 and HotFix 24) (Severity: High) Article 36741, "Storage Inaccessible and Data File Synchronization Job errors"


Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 29 (This HotFix includes HotFix 3, HotFix5, HotFix 12, HotFix 21 and HotFix 26)

Article 38255, "After successful registration of Recovery Solution Agent, the client machines are directly being listed in the Manage Lost Recovery Solution Agents

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 30 (This HotFix includes HotFix 17, Hotfix 22 and HotFix 25) (Severity: Medium)

Article 38979, "Server Space Management Job to delete files in 0 days after being deleted from client machine

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 31 (Severity: Critical)

Article 39106, "All jobs are processed very slow by the Recovery Solution Server"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 32 (This HotFix includes HotFix 29) (Severity: Low)

Article 40495, "Controlling the Recovery Solution Agent System Tray icon right click options"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 33 (Severity: Low)

Article 40496, "Web Based File Recovery (WBFR) page is not available"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 34 (Severity: Low)

Article 40497, "Users are prompted for Credentials for accessing Recovery Solution Agent and AeXRS_Users local group is empty on the Recovery Server"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 35 (Severity: Critical)

Article 40498, "Recovery Agents cannot see the Recovery Server because ''AeXRSVault'' ISAPI of IIS is under heavy load"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Hotfix 36 (This HotFix includes HotFix 30 and HotFix 28) (Severity: Critical)

Article 40850, "NTFS sparse use in Server Space Management Job reworked"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Known Issue

Article 36207, "Recovery Solution databases not supported on compressed volumes"

Recovery Solution 6.2.2332—Known Issue


Article 25709, "Recovery Solution Server appears Unavailable or Cannot submit a job because the cluster "NAME" does not have any servers available to process the job"

ServerList.IsServerAvailable(5337e727-4141-462e-8ab2-6e0d7afb13db) = ServiceStatusUnknown  Altiris.RecoverySolution.ClusterItem+ServerList.IsServerAvailable  AltirisNativeHelper.dll  aexsvc.exe (13384)  13104  
http://SERVERNAME:80/AeXRSVault/RSHttpVault.dll) = ServiceStatusUnknown

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