Creating Enterprise Vault DNS aliases

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Creating Enterprise Vault DNS aliases

It is good practice to create a DNS alias for each Enterprise Vault server computer. You are asked to enter the unqualified alias, for example "evserver1", when you run the Enterprise Vault Configuration wizard. When you configure Enterprise Vault on the first computer in a site, Enterprise Vault automatically creates a vault site alias using the DNS alias entered for that computer. The vault site alias is used by the Enterprise Vault software to refer to the Enterprise Vault site.

The DNS alias must not contain special characters. As defined in RFC-1034, only the following characters are permitted: [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9], hyphen (-), and period (.). The last character must not be a hyphen or period.

Using an unqualified DNS alias allows future flexibility if you change the computer that is running the Enterprise Vault services.

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