Adding an Exchange Server for archiving

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Adding an Exchange Server for archiving

You can now add your target Exchange Servers to the appropriate domain.

To add an Exchange Server

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand Targets.

  2. Expand the Exchange domain that you added.

  3. Right-click Exchange Server and, on the shortcut menu, click New and then Exchange Server.

    The New Exchange Server wizard starts.

  4. Work through the wizard to add the Exchange Server.

    You need the following information:

    • The name of the Exchange Server.

    • Optionally, the wizard enables you to create Exchange Server archiving tasks for user mailboxes, journal mailboxes and public folders. If you create an Exchange Mailbox task, there must also be an Exchange Provisioning task for the domain. If one does not exist, an Exchange Provisioning task for the domain is created automatically when you select the Exchange Mailbox task check box.

    • The name of the Enterprise Vault server on which you want the tasks created, if not the local computer.

    • The name of the system mailbox to be used to connect to the Exchange Server.

    • Optionally, an override default vault store that Enterprise Vault is to use when creating the archives for mailboxes on this Exchange Server.

      If you do not explicitly set the vault store for the Exchange Server, the default vault store setting is inherited from the Enterprise Vault Server properties.

See Adding a Provisioning Group for Exchange Server archiving

See Overview of setting up Enterprise Vault Exchange Server mailbox archiving

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