Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In for Exchange Server archiving

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Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In for Exchange Server archiving

The Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In is available as a Microsoft® Windows® Installer (MSI) kit. The installer kit is in the folder Symantec Enterprise Vault\Outlook Add-In on the Enterprise Vault distribution media.

The Exchange desktop policy Outlook advanced setting Outlook Add-In behavior lets you configure the Outlook Add-In to work in either of the following modes:

  • Full mode. In full mode, there are no functional restrictions on the behavior of the Outlook Add-In.

  • Light mode. This mode is the default. In light mode, the following restrictions apply:

    • Users have no access to the Enterprise Vault properties of folders.

    • When users archive items manually, they cannot specify the destination archive and retention category.

    • When users restore archived items, they cannot choose the destination folder. The Outlook Add-In only restores items to the folders where the shortcuts are.

For more information about the advanced setting Outlook Add-In behavior, see the Administrator's Guide.

If Outlook users access Exchange Server 2003 using RPC over HTTP, you will also need to configure Enterprise Vault access on the Exchange Server using the Enterprise Vault RPC server extensions. With Exchange Server 2007, Enterprise Vault server extensions are not required for RPC over HTTP connections.

See About Outlook RPC over HTTP and Outlook Anywhere configurations

Before users have access to Enterprise Vault features from within Outlook, the Outlook Add-In must be installed on each desktop computer.

There are various ways of distributing the Outlook Add-In. For example, you can use one of the following methods:

Enterprise Vault buttons and menu options do not appear in Outlook until the user's mailbox has been enabled and the user has restarted Outlook. You can therefore roll out the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In before users' mailboxes are enabled.

See About setting up users' desktops for Exchange Server archiving

See Enabling Windows Desktop Search plug-in for Exchange Server archiving

See Enterprise Vault Client for Mac OS X with Exchange Server archiving

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