Adding target Domino mail servers

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Adding target Domino mail servers

Next, add the target Domino mail servers in the Enterprise Vault Administration Console. A single Domino mailbox archiving task can archive several target Domino mailbox servers in a domain.

If you use secondary Domino servers to keep replicas of users' mail files, it is possible to archive from those secondary servers instead of from the mail servers. When there are many mail servers and only a few secondary servers this approach can simplify the configuration. If you want to use this method, add the secondary servers instead of the mail servers.

To add a target Domino mail server

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand the Targets container.

  2. Expand Domino.

  3. Expand the Domino domain to which you want to add a server.

  4. Right-click the Domino server container and on the shortcut menu, click New and then Domino Server.

    The New Domino Server wizard starts.

  5. Work through the wizard.

    This wizard enables you to select the following:

    • The Domino Server that you want to archive. In the wizard, the drop-down box under Select the Domino server from which you want to archive lists all the Domino servers in the domain.

    • Cluster options. If the server you are adding is in a Domino cluster, you can choose to add all servers in the cluster to the Enterprise Vault Site. Additionally, you can set the server you are adding to be the preferred server. The archiving task uses the preferred server when archiving from mailboxes, when possible. A mailbox that is on a different server must be replicated to this preferred server in order for the archiving task to be able to archive using this server. If a mailbox is not replicated to this preferred server, the task archives from the server that hosts the mailbox.

    • The Enterprise Vault tasks that you want created. If preferred, you can add these after adding the Domino mail server. There can be only one Domino Mailbox task on an Enterprise Vault server. There must be one (and only one) Domino Provisioning task for each Domino domain.

    • If the tasks are to be created on a different Enterprise Vault server in the site, you will need the name of the Enterprise Vault server.

    • The ID and password to be used to access the Domino mail server, if this is different from the ID used to access the domain. Typically, this will be the ID of the Domino archiving user that you created.

  6. The Domino domain is then added to the Enterprise Vault directory and displayed in the tree. You can now add the Domino mail servers that you want Enterprise Vault to archive.

  7. If you have added a secondary server to archive replica mail files you must also define the DominoHubServers registry value on the Enterprise Vault server that runs the provisioning task.

    See the Registry Values manual for details of how to create the DominoHubServers registry value.

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