Adding a Provisioning Group when setting up Domino mailbox archiving

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Adding a Provisioning Group when setting up Domino mailbox archiving

A provisioning group enables you to apply a Domino mailbox policy and a Domino desktop policy to any of the following:

  • Individual users

  • A group of Domino mailbox users

  • A mail-in database

You can have a single provisioning group, comprising the whole corporate hierarchy, or multiple provisioning groups, if you want to assign different policies to different groups of users.

You can select any of the following target types to associate with a provisioning group:

  • Directory group

  • Mailbox

  • Mail-in database

  • Organizational Unit

  • Corporate Hierarchy


A mailbox must be added to a provisioning group, and mailboxes in the provisioning group must be configured and enabled by the Domino Provisioning task, before you can archive items from the mailboxes.


Vault Cache is not available for mail-in databases. Enterprise Vault ignores Vault Cache policy settings in the case of mail-in databases.

If there are a large number of mailboxes, and automatic enabling of mailboxes is not configured for the provisioning group, then there could be a delay in the mailboxes being available to Enterprise Vault for enabling. If you do not want to wait, you can force an update. To force an update, run the following commands in the Domino server console:

LOAD UPDALL NAMES.NSF -T "($ServerConfig)"
LOAD UPDALL NAMES.NSF -T "($PeopleGroupsCorpHier)"
LOAD UPDALL NAMES.NSF -T "($Certifiers)"

To add a Provisioning Group

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand Targets.

  2. Expand the Domino domain that you added.

  3. Right-click Provisioning Group and, on the shortcut menu, click New and then Provisioning Group.

    The New Provisioning Group wizard starts.

  4. Work through the wizard to add a provisioning group.

    You will need the following information:

    • The domain containing the Domino Servers that you want to archive.

    • The Domino desktop policy to apply.

    • The Domino mailbox policy to apply.

    • The default retention category to apply, when archiving from the mailboxes. The wizard enables you to create a new retention category, if required.

    • The default vault store in which the mailbox archives are to be created by Enterprise Vault. If mailboxes in the provisioning group are automatically-enabled for archiving, the vault store will be used for any future mailboxes added to the provisioning group.

      If you do not explicitly set the vault store for the provisioning group, the default vault store setting is inherited from the Domino Server properties.

    • Whether you want the Domino Provisioning task to enable new mailboxes for archiving automatically.

      A new mailbox is one that is new to Enterprise Vault. When you first start using Enterprise Vault, all the mailboxes are new. With auto-enabling set, all existing mailboxes are enabled when the Domino Provisioning task next runs. All mailboxes created in the future will also be enabled and the associated archives created automatically.

      If auto-enabling is not selected, you use the Enable Mailbox wizard to enable the mailboxes for archiving. You can use the Disable Mailbox wizard to explicitly disable individual mailboxes. This prevents the mailbox being enabled automatically, so the mailbox is never archived unless you choose to enable it.

      See Enabling mailboxes for archiving after installing Domino mailbox archiving.

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See Ordering provisioning groups when setting up Domino mailbox archiving

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