Creating a Domino Mailbox task

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Creating a Domino Mailbox task

If you did not request Enterprise Vault to create the Domino Mailbox task in the New Domino Server wizard, you can create this task manually, as described in this section.

There can be only one Domino Mailbox task on an Enterprise Vault server. A single task can process several Domino servers in different Domino domains.

A single Domino server can be processed by several Domino Mailbox tasks on different Enterprise Vault servers; in this situation, the Domino mailbox archives would be distributed across multiple vault stores.

To add a Domino Mailbox task

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand the Site hierarchy until the Enterprise Vault Servers container is visible.

  2. Expand the Enterprise Vault Servers container.

  3. Expand the name of the server to which you want to add the Domino Mailbox task.

  4. Right-click Tasks and, on the shortcut menu, click New and then Domino Mailbox Task.

    The New Domino Mailbox Task wizard starts.

  5. Work through the wizard.

See Reviewing the default settings for the Enterprise Vault site

See About Domino mailbox archiving

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