Prerequisite software for Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway

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Prerequisite software for Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway

The Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway must be a Windows server that is running Enterprise Vault 10.0 and one of the following software combinations:

  • Domino Server 8.5.2 (32-bit version) Fix Pack 2 or higher and Lotus Notes Client 8.5.2 or higher

  • Domino Server 8.5.3 (64-bit version) and Lotus Notes Client 8.5.3

It is best practice for the standard Domino mail templates to be present on the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway. These templates are required by the Enterprise Vault EVinstall.nsf installer.

For details of all supported software versions and the required hotfixes, see the Enterprise Vault Compatibility Charts (

You need at least a Domino Messaging server license for each Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway.

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