Installing the Journaling Connector

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Installing the Journaling Connector

To enable the random sampling of journaled items, you must install a Journaling Connector on each computer that hosts the Enterprise Vault Journaling Tasks. Compliance Accelerator provides one Journaling Connector for Microsoft Exchange environments and another for Lotus Domino environments. The Journaling Connector improves search performance and accuracy. So, even if you require the search facilities in Compliance Accelerator only, we recommend that you install this component.

When Compliance Accelerator and the Enterprise Vault Journaling Tasks are to run on two different computers, you can choose to install only those components that you require in each case: the basic Compliance Accelerator components on the Compliance Accelerator computer, and the Journaling Connector on the Journaling Tasks computer.


The Journaling Connector adds custom index attributes to the items in an Enterprise Vault archive. These attributes create a permanent relationship between the archive items and the selected Compliance Accelerator database. So, if you ever need to re-create or replace the Compliance Accelerator database, the archive indexing information may be wrong.

To install the Journaling Connector

  1. Load the release media, and then do one of the following:

    • When the Install Launcher starts, follow the links to install the Journaling Connector software.

    • In Windows Explorer, browse to the Symantec Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator\Journal Connector folder, and then start the installation program (Symantec Enterprise Vault Journal Connector.msi).

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions, which prompt you to submit information at several points.

    • Choose to install the Journaling Connector for Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino (or both).

    • Identify the required Compliance Accelerator configuration database and the SQL Server computer on which it resides. Note that you must specify the name of the SQL Server computer and not its IP address.

See Prerequisites for Journaling Connector computers

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