About the ImportExport command

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About the ImportExport command

The ImportExport command provides a command-line alternative to the Compliance Accelerator client for importing data into a customer database. It also lets you export the data from the database to an XML file.

The command is installed in the Compliance Accelerator program folder on the Compliance Accelerator server, together with a configuration file, ImportExport.exe.config.

You must have the Import Configuration Data permission to import data with ImportExport, and the Export Configuration Data permission to export the data. By default, users with the application role of System Admin have these permissions.

All newly imported departments comply with the U.S. government's Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).


For the best results when using ImportExport on a computer in which User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, run the command with administrator privileges. Otherwise, you may find that you cannot perform some operations with ImportExport, such as exporting data from a customer database to an XML file.

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