Examples of ImportExport commands

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Examples of ImportExport commands

The following command imports unvalidated data from the file data.xml, which is in the folder C:\temp. The log file, import.log, contains error messages only, and the command overwrites the previous contents of the log file as it imports the XML data.

ImportExport.exe -C:2 -I -F:C:\temp\data.xml -NoValidation -O -L:import.log -ShowOnlyErrors

The following command exports the data in the Compliance Accelerator database to the XML file export.xml, which is in your %USERPROFILE% folder on the Compliance Accelerator server (C:\Documents and Settings\username). The command also overwrites the error messages that it has previously logged in the database.

ImportExport.exe -C:2 -F:export.xml -LogToDB -LeaveDBLog -ShowOnlyErrors

See ImportExport syntax

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