Available Compliance Accelerator reports

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Available Compliance Accelerator reports

Table:  Available Compliance Accelerator reports describes the reports that accompany Compliance Accelerator.

Table: Available Compliance Accelerator reports

This report


Compliance Supervisor Responsibility report

The departments for which each compliance supervisor is responsible. For each of these departments, the report also lists the reviewers in the department.

Department Roles Detail report

Information on the review settings and role assignments for each of the selected departments.

Department Roles Summary report

A summary of the review settings for each of the selected departments.

Differential Sampling Summary by Department report

For the selected sampling period, information on the sampling activity for the monitored employees in selected departments.

Effective Roles by User report

All the departments in which the selected user has a role, and what those roles are.

Evidence of message type Review by Department/Employee reports

For the selected department or employee, evidence that the required number and percentage of randomly sampled items have been captured and reviewed.

Item Aging by Department report

For the selected departments, the number of items that are either still unreviewed or pending review.

Message Stats Summary report

For each department and exception employee, the total number of sampled items and a breakdown by item type.

Message Summary report

The number of items that Compliance Accelerator has captured for review in each department, and a breakdown by type.

Monitored IDs by Department report

For each monitored employee, how many of that employee's items have been captured for review.

Questioned Items by Department report

For each department, a summary of the suspect items (those items that reviewers have marked as Questioned).

Responsibility by Department report

For each department, the owner, monitored employees, department reviewers, escalation reviewers, and compliance supervisors.

Responsibility by Reviewer report

For each reviewer, the departments in which he or she can review items, and the other reviewers in those departments.

Review Activity Summary by Department report

The total number of items of each type that Compliance Accelerator has captured in the selected reporting period

Reviewer Activity by Department report

For each department, the status of review set items, including how many items have been escalated, questioned, reviewed, and unreviewed.

Reviewer Activity Detail report

For each department, the status of the review set items for each reviewer.

Reviewer Mapping report

The review requirements and monitored employees in each department in which a reviewer operates.

Unreviewed Departments report

The departments to which no department reviewer is assigned.

Unsupervised Departments report

Departments to which no compliance supervisor is assigned.

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