Guidelines on conducting effective searches

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Guidelines on conducting effective searches

For the best results when conducting searches, follow these guidelines:

  • Make searches precise. For example, include the author or recipient details, or specify date ranges.

  • In the properties of the department, limit the number of searchable vault stores.

  • Only use wildcards when necessary, as they can severely affect performance.

  • Avoid overusing search terms. Thousands of terms can cause iterative searches.

  • Ensure that scheduled searches do not run at the same time as system backups.

  • Quickly accept or reject searches to avoid filling and slowing the database.

  • Test new searches in research folders, and then delete the folders as necessary.

Although intended for Discovery Accelerator users, the Effective Searching white paper provides information that you may find useful when you conduct searches with Compliance Accelerator. This white paper is available from the following page of the Symantec Support website:

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