System configuration options

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System configuration options

Use these options to record the dates on which you installed Enterprise Vault and began to archive data, configure the threads that Compliance Accelerator uses to pause searches, and more.

Enterprise Vault Oldest Archived Item Date

Specifies the date on which Enterprise Vault archived the oldest available data.

If the oldest archived item date and "Enterprise Vault V5 Installation Date" are the same then, when entering the criteria for a search, you can specify the message type without also specifying a start date. (Compliance Accelerator does not return any pre-5.0 data.) However, if the oldest archived item date is earlier than the V5 installation date, you can only specify the message type if you specify a start date that is on or after the V5 installation date.

Enterprise Vault V5 Installation Date

Specifies the date on which you first installed or upgraded Enterprise Vault 5.0 or later.

IIS Application Pool

Identifies the application pool in which the Accelerator web applications are grouped. Application pools allow specific configuration settings to be applied to groups of applications and to the worker processes that service those applications. The default application pool is EVAcceleratorAppPool.

Initial Pausing Queue Size

Specifies the maximum number of searches that you can pause instantly. The default is 2.

Number Of Pause Search Threads

Specifies the number of threads that are assigned to pausing searches. Enter a value in the range 1 through 10, where 1 is the default value.

Pause queue threshold

Specifies the total number of pause search requests that can be queued at once. Enter a value in the range 10 through 100, where 10 is the default value.

Pause Threads Delay

Specifies the number of minutes that Compliance Accelerator waits at startup before it initializes the threads that are assigned to pausing searches. By default, Compliance Accelerator does not delay before it initializes the threads.

Search Pause Thread Checking Period (Sec)

Specifies the number of seconds to wait before starting pause threads. The default is 5.

Show Vault Management Option

Does not serve any function in the current version of Compliance Accelerator. The option will be removed from Compliance Accelerator in a later release.

See Setting Compliance Accelerator system configuration options

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