How do I force Patch Inventories for PM 7.1 SP1, SP2, MP1.x and 7.5?

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Question: How do I force Patch Inventories for Patch Management Solution 7.1 SP1, SP2, MP1.x and 7.5?

Answer: Work through the following steps:

  1. Configure the Windows Assessment Scan to run Always.
    • Drill down on the Console > Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Windows System Assessment Scan
      • De-select the setting 'Send Inventory Results Only If Changed' from the policy
      • Save Changes
  2. Update Configuration on the client to receive the changes to that policy.
  3. Kick off one of the following to force a scan of Patch Inventories: 
    • Go to the Client's Altiris Agent GUI
      • Software Delivery Tab
      • Highlight Windows System Assessment Scan
      • Click on the link, in the left blue pane; under 'Application Tasks' named 'Windows System Assessment Scan'
    • Run the command on the client to force Patch Inventories
      • Go to Start > Run and input the following: "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\PatchMgmtAgent\AeXPatchUtil.exe" /i
        • Drill down on the client: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement\Software Delivery\{6D417916-467C-46A7-A870-6D86D9345B61}\cache
          • Ensure the 'modified date' is current for the STPatchAssessment.xml file.

Advisory: The InventoryRuleCache.ibd file is no longer affiliated with the Patch Management inventory scan in version 7.1 SP1+. To refresh the client's inventory files; work through KM: HOWTO101482

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