SMP Agent for Unix, Linux and Mac 7.1 SP1 PF1 - Merging & Resource Key Management

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This point fix provides updates to the SMP Agent 7.1 running on Unix, Linux and Mac (ULM) clients. The point fix provides the following updates, which result in better management of NS resources by reducing unwanted merging.

To prevent merging by FQDN:

  • Does not report the fqdn resource key.
  • Does not report the copy of name.domain resource key that always uses fqdn (this copy exists for compatibility with 6.x agents)

    Note: The copy of name.domain resource key which depends on the policy settings will continue being reported. To stop merging by FQDN the property “Return the following information as computer name” has to be set to “Computer name” for both All Linux/Mac Workstations and All UNIX/Linux/Mac Servers policies.

To prevent merging by MAC address from Parallels/Fusion

  • Does not report the uniqueid resource key, as on Mac platforms this key is actually based on MAC address.

    Note: The macaddress resource key will continue being reported. To stop merging by this key, the InvalidMacAddresses setting in the CoreSettings.config has to be adjusted to ignore undesirable MAC addresses. See kb: HOWTO21641.


This point fix applies to: 

·        Server: SMP 7.1 SP1 (7.1.6851 & 7.1.6855)

·        Agent: ULM Agent 7.1 SP1 (7.1.6851 & 7.1.6855)

·        AIX

·        HP UX

·        Mac 10.4 PPC Server

·        Mac 10.5.6

·        Mac 10.5.8

·        Mac 10.5.8 Server

·        Mac 10.6.7

·        Mac 10.6.8 Server

·        Mac 10.7 Server

·        Mac 10.7.1

·        Red Hat

·        Solaris

·        SuSe


Affected components & Versioning

PF1 for NS 7.1 SP1 updates agent binaries for all platforms and updates "UNIX/Linux/Mac Computers Requiring Symantec Management Agent Upgrade" policy to force upgrading to newer version. Version of all new binaries is 7.1.6857.


How to Install this pointfix


NOTE: This Point Fix should be installed AFTER installing the Hot Fix for Mac OS 10.7 support (KB HOWTO58968). If this point fix is installed before the hotfix, the hotfix will overwrite these pointfix files on the NS/SMP server and this point fix will need to be reinstalled.


The installation package consists of Altiris_UnixAgent_7_1_SP1_PF1_x64.msi and an install.cmd script

1.      Copy the installation package and install.cmd script to the desired location on the Notification Server 7.1 SP1 is installed.

2.      Choose Start -> Run.

3.      Locate install.cmd and click OK.

4.      Follow installer instructions.

5.      Please ignore the following errors in NS log:

a.      Win32 API failed to create a hard link C:\ULM\UNIX Agent\Web\CreateResource.aspx to C:\ULM\Notification Server\Agent\CreateResource.aspx. Error: 3

b.      Win32 API failed to create a hard link C:\ULM\UNIX Agent\Web\Bin\Altiris.Web.NS.Agent.dll to C:\ULM\Notification Server\Agent\bin\Altiris.Web.NS.Agent.dll. Error: 3


Checking if point fix is installed

In the Symantec Management Console go to Home->Notification Server Management->Portal.  The Symantec Management Agent version should be updated to 7.1.6857. Note, that in Symantec Installation Manager the version of product will remain the same. It’s OK, as SIM is not aware of this point fix.

Restoring preinstall server state

1.      Choose Start -> Run

2.      Type the following command msiexec.exe /x {81425C2D-61FD-4494-B984-C39C4C5BF830} SKIPAIM=1

3.      In the Symantec Installation Manager choose Reconfigure to restore configuration for Symantec Management Agent for UNIX, Linux and Mac 7.1 SP1 7.1.6851 and follow the instructions.

4.      Restart Symantec Installation Manager and choose Repair to restore files for Symantec Management Agent for UNIX, Linux and Mac 7.1 SP1 7.1.6851 and follow the instructions.



Additional Notes

To split already merged clients:

If desired and needed, use the updated agent-upgrade script to reset the resource GUID on install phase. This will cause clients to  initiate a request for a new resource GUID from the NS instead of blacklisted one.







Upgrading clients

This pointfix updated the “UNIX/Linux/Mac Computers Requiring Symantec Management Agent Upgrade“ filter to force upgrading of all the client computers. After installing this point fix, all existing ULM clients will be eligible for upgrade. And enabling the “Symantec Management Agent for UNIX/Linux/Mac – Upgrade“ policy will trigger the upgrade process automatically.

Impact Statement

The only affected area is reporting of resource keys. All other functionality remains intact. This fix is prepared for all platforms (Unix, Linux and Mac) as merging by FQDN is not a Mac specific issue. Any DHCP configured box in the network where DNS name is generated based on IP has chance to be merged.


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