Collecting Indexing Configuration and Diagnostic Information using the Deployment Scanner

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When an issue is encountered with the Indexing Service, which requires escalation to the Enterprise Vault Support Team, it may be necessary to supply the current configuration and any associated diagnostic information to help the Support Team diagnose and fix the issue. This information can be collected using the deployment scanner. This document explains the process used to achieve this and explains what is produced. 

  1. Launch the Deployment Scanner from the Start Menu, under the Enterprise Vault Folder.
  2. On the Welcome Page, Select only the "Gather information about your environment and store it in a .cab file for Symantec Technical Support to analyze" check-box, and navigate to the next stage
  3. On the Environment Checks Page, select only "Indexing" and proceed to the next stage
  4. Populate the SUpport Case Page as follows:
    • Enter a Support Number if one has been supplied
    • Select the location for the .cab file to be created in
    • Select an appropriate time scale (in days) for the log file export
    • Select the following items to include
      • Application event log
      • IIS log files
      • Indexing tools log files
      • Indexing metadata
    • Proceed to the next stage
  5. The Deployment Scanner will now collect the requested data and export it.
  6. The Final Page will be displayed, which will contain a link to the location of the .cab file


Output from Deployment Scanner

The contents of the .cab file will vary slightly depending on the configuration of the system, however the following explains briefly what the various files relate to:

  • An XML document will be output for every index volume associated with the Index Server.
    • e.g. 1962B7317C1E97F4C9047F0EB19127F4C_930.xml.
  • The collection broker status table will be exported to the collection-broker.sqlt file.
  • Collection Service error logs will be exported to a group of files that are prefixed with collection-service.
  • Indexing Settings from the Enterprise Vault Directory Database are exported to text files prefixed with EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.Index.
  • Details of Indexing Tasks that have been submitted to the Index Server will be exported to text files:
    • EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.SubTask.txt
    • EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.SubTaskReport (ReportId,SubTaskIdentity,ReportRow).txt
    • Task_Status.txt
  • Configuration files for the Indexing Processes will be exported to the following files
    • EVIndexAdminService.exe.config
    • EVIndexMoveTask.exe.config
    • EVIndexQueryServer.exe.config
    • EVIndexVolumesProcessor.exe.config
  • The IIS log will be exported to a text file called IISLog.txt
  • Core Indexing configuration data will be exported to files prefixed with repository. An additional core configuration file called Vivisimo.conf, will also be included.
  • Configuration data for the Query Service will be output to Query-Service.xml.
  • In addition to Indexing Specific information, the Deployment Scanner will also produce general Configuration and Diagnostic data relating to the Indexing Server and EV environment.

Customers should not alter any of the above files unless advised to do so by an Enterprise Vault Support Engineer. Modifications to configuration data can cause the Enterprise Vault Installation to become unstable. The above listed information is for reference purposes only!

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