Where can I find technical support for the discontinued Altiris Helpdesk 6 product?

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The following information discusses the status of the Altiris Helpdesk 6.0 Solution, which is now discontinued.

What is the status of the Helpdesk product?
Answer: The Altiris Helpdesk 6 Solution product was discontinued (end of support life) on September 4th, 2011. Information on this can be found on its product page, below. For additional information, please contact your Symantec Sales representative or call Symantec Corporate Sales at (800) 721-3934.

Symantec End-of-Availability Announcement— Altiris® Helpdesk Solution

Question: Does Symantec offer an upgrade to Helpdesk?
Answer: The current "helpdesk"-style product offered by Symantec is ServiceDesk 7.1. Additional information can be found here:

Symantec ServiceDesk

Can ServiceDesk 7 migrate data from Helpdesk 6?

Question: Does Helpdesk still work if its license AUP expires?
Answer: If the license is not permanent, after its AUP expires, there are then major restrictions, such as new incidents can no longer be created. If the license is permanent, when its AUP expires, Helpdesk does not lose any functionality, however. Note: Most customers do not have permanent licenses. Additional information about this can be found here:

Does Helpdesk 6 still work when its license expires?

 Can I still obtain renewal licenses for Helpdesk?
Answer: Renewal licenses are no longer available. Additional information can be found here:

How can a Helpdesk 6 license be renewed?

Can Helpdesk 6.0 licenses be used for ServiceDesk 7.x, or can ServiceDesk 7.x licenses be used for Helpdesk 6.0?

Question: Can I still obtain technical support for Helpdesk?
Answer: Because of Helpdesk's discontinued status, availability of some support options are no longer offered. Support options include:

Symantec Knowledge Base

Symantec Connect

Question: My contract for Helpdesk hasn't expired, why can't I still obtain technical support?
Answer: Open contracts for Helpdesk entitle the customer to an upgrade to the current "helpdesk"-style product offered by Symantec, ServiceDesk 7.1, but not to continued technical support for Helpdesk.

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