Forwarding incidents to a central Helpdesk server

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How do I forward incidents to a central Helpdesk server as indicated on p. 10 of the Helpdesk SP4 Release Notes?


Certain fields of a work item, such as Assigned Worker, Owned by Worker, Priority, Status, etc. send the id number, rather than the value when the Automation Rule fires. Because these numbers likely won't match up on another Helpdesk Server, it takes more work to set up the transfer of these field values. Basic automation rule setup is not covered here.

One way to do this is to use an auxilliary data assignment in the automation rule to set the value of the desired field into the auxdata field. Using the Status field as an example:

In the Automation Rule on the source server, set an auxilliary data assignment as shown below:

This will cause the automation to set the value of the status in an xml element in the work item and will send that value to the server specified in the Helpdesk field.

On the receiving server, you then set up an Incident Rule with an Advanced Data Assignment as shown below:
This assignment looks up the id based on the value, then sets it in the newly created work item.

Of course, to make this work, you would likely also want to set specific criteria, such as "Only when Incident is New", etc. to make sure that this Incident Rule only fires on work items forwarded from another server. Setting conditions is not covered here.

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